Building Surveys & Inspections

A building survey can feel like an unnecessary expense, but it allows analysis of
the building fabric, structure and condition (residential or commercial).
All our surveys are carried out by experienced chartered building surveyors.

Building Survey Services

Building Survey (Level Three)

Our most detailed survey, a Building Survey allows us time to see all of the significant building elements and to comment on defects, safety issues and options for maintenance in a comprehensive report that we hope will inform your purchase and act as a checklist for your future care of the building.

Building Survey Services

Limited Building Survey

For clients who only want to know about the main elements of a building and who don't require so much detail, a limited building survey may be appropriate. It analyses the defects in the same level of detail as a normal building survey, but reduces the survey cost by limiting the number of elements inspected. We can tailor the survey to your own requirements.

Building Survey Services

Schedules of Condition

If you want to accurately record the condition of a building prior to leasing it or commencing construction works on it/nearby, such as in the case of a party wall, then a schedule of condition can be prepared, complete with text and numerous photographs. This can be a valuable piece of work to save significant cost or scope for disagreement.

Building Survey Services

Snagging Inspection

When buying a new residential or commercial property it can be tempting to assume that it won't have any major defects so you won't need a survey. Rather than making unpleasant post purchase discoveries, leading to a battle with the builder over whether he is responsible for carrying out remedial works, you could have a snagging inspection carried out by one of our chartered surveyors, who will tell you what to expect in terms of standards of construction and finish. It will also identify any snags that need remedying.