Disputes and Expert Witness

Obtaining an Expert report from one of our Chartered Surveyors can often help the parties to resolve a dispute without going to Court. If Court proceedings cannot be avoided, however, then we have Surveyors experienced in preparing Part 35 Civil Procedure Rules Compliant reports and we can appear at mediation, tribunal or Court as an Expert. We also have experience in preparation of Part 36 Criminal Procedure Rules reports and giving evidence in Criminal trials.

Providing peace of mind

Building & Construction Disputes

If expert advice is sought early enough, these types of disputes can often be satisfactorily resolved without going to Court. Often the breakdown in the relationship between a builder and their client centres around standards of workmanship or the costs of works.

While disputes can often be avoided by the use of a Surveyor to carry out Contract Administration, Croft Surveyors are experienced in assessing contracts and workmanship. We can prepare preliminary reports or full Part 35 CPR reports to give our opinion as your Expert Advisor or Expert Witness in an impartial way.

Boundary Disputes

'Love thy neighbour' is a much harder principle to put into practice once a boundary dispute is underway. Croft Surveyors has the knowledge and understanding of ownership laws to help resolve many of the misconceptions that arise over the definition of a boundary between two properties.

Our Expert boundary reports usually start with an initial informal appraisal of the likely boundary location based on Land Registry and conveyance documents and the features on site. If this is inconclusive then we can obtain a detailed boundary survey to overlay the many layers of information and beyond that we can carry out the research necessary for a Part 35 CPR Court report.

Neighbour Disputes

In addition to boundaries and rights to light, neighbour disputes can occur over just about anything property related. Give us a call to discuss your problem.

Unhappy with someone's survey?

There is a big difference between making a mistake and being negligent. The cracks you can see in the wall in January may not have been visible when the survey was carried out in July and the wisteria was in full flower. As practising surveyors we are able to give you an impartial opinion on whether another Surveyor has achieved the required standard in their work on a project or survey whether you are a claimant or a defendant.