When providing a quotation for a building survey to a potential client who has not been personally recommended to us, it can be difficult to explain what they will get for their money and why they should use Croft in preference to a less expensive quote.

We recently received the following unsolicited testimonial from a satisfied client following the acquisition of a large, tired, Edwardian detached house which: “As you know, Peter, I was very pleased with the very comprehensive yet concise survey report you did on [the property]. We took delivery of the house yesterday and I now have the time to explore the house thoroughly in readiness for instructing sundry craftsmen. As I go round, I constantly marvel at how much detail, over a broad spectrum of specialities, you observed and recorded during your two days here. Structurally, I have just received a copy of the original 1920s architect’s plans and find your deductions, arising from less than obvious anomalies in the structure of the property, have been spot on.” Before you purchase a property do speak with Croft Surveyors about how we can give the advice you need.

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